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Project Runway Malaysia (season 1)

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Season 1 of Project Runway Malaysia featured 15 designers from various parts of the country competing to be the best designer. Judges for the first season were Bernie Chan, Datuk Bernard Chandran, Asiah Mion (editor EH! Magazine), Seema Visamanathan (editor Female Magazine), Wirda Adnan (Chief Editor, Glam Magazine) and Aster Lim (Managing Editor, Female, Marie Claire, Men's Health and Seventeen magazines).[1] There are also guest judges through the season.

The contestants

Project Runway Malaysia Contestants
(each with their episode of elimination and its original broadcast date)
(number after name is age)
Season 1
Felix Chin, 34 Winner
Alexandrea Yeo, 21 Runner-up
Muhammad Hatta Dolmat, 24 2nd Runner-up
Recap Ep 13 (26 October 2007)
Fitri, 28 Ep 12 (19 October 2007)
Alwyn Chua, 22 Ep 11 (12 October 2007)
Zeri Zamri, 23 Ep10 (5 October 2007)
Danny Kok, 24 Ep 9 (28 September 2007)
Allison Chong, 29 Ep 8 (21 September 2007)
Jezmine Zaidan, 23 Ep 7 (14 September 2007)
Mumtaz Bibi Abd Rahman, 27 Ep 6 (7 September 2007)
Nurita Harith, 24 Ep 5 (31 August 2007)
Mohd Khairi, 24 Ep 4 (24 August 2007)
Jenny Yap, 25 Ep 3 (17 August 2007)
Hanizam Abd Wahab, 40 Ep 2 (10 August 2007)
Anizam Yusof, 24 Ep 1 (3 August 2007)


Episode 1 (first aired 3 August 2007)

The 15 contestants were given their first task: each was given only RM50 and 4m of fabric and also assigned with a model, as well as 1 hour to prepare the models with their respective designers' clothes for their first catwalk in the competition. At the elimination session, eight of the contestants were called out as they are either placed the very top or the very bottom by the judges. Anizam Yusof was the first to leave the competition.

  • Challenge won by: Vivy Yusof
  • Eliminated: Anizam Yusof
Episode 2 (first aired 10 August 2007)

The 14 remaining contestants were given their second task. Each designer was given RM70 and 30 minutes to search for usable items from a supermarket. The designers then had to use the items to create a fashion creation with the theme "Funky Street Wear". The winner of this task would receive immunity and be safe from elimination at the next judging. Felix won the task and immunity while Hanizam lost.

  • Challenge won by: Felix Chin
  • Eliminated: Hanizam Abd Wahab
Episode 3 (first aired 17 August 2007)

Bernie told the remaining 13 contestants of their next task which was to come up with a dress that can be worn on the red carpet. In the workroom, Peter Lum introduced the designers to their "client", Nurul, a local celebrity. Nurul then told the designers her style and what materials and colours they may use. They were then given 30 minutes and RM250 to purchase their materials. Ultimately, Alexandrea won the challenge but was not given immunity while Jenny was declared out of the running.

  • Judges: Datuk Bernard Chandran, Seema Visamanathan, Nurul, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Alexandrea Yeo
  • Eliminated: Jenny Yap
  • Bottom two: Jenny, Mumtaz
Episode 4 (first aired 24 August 2007)

The designers have to create a versatile dress that can be worn both during the day and night. Batik and traditional motifs become the main source of inspiration for the designers, among others.

  • Judges: Datuk Bernard Chandran, Faisol Abdullah, Wirda Adnan, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Danny Kok
  • Eliminated: Mohd Khairi
  • Bottom two: Khairi, Jezmine
Episode 5 (first aired 31 August 2007)

The designers have to design the uniform for the National Service Malaysia. The designers visit PLKN Princess Haliza Camp, Sepang to have a physical test. Then the designers have to survey some of the trainees to see what's the problem of the uniform. The designers were given 20 minutes and RM50 to purchase fabric to create their uniforms. The fabric colors they were allowed to choose from were blue, black and white. Fitri was rushed to the clinic for a medical check-up due to his asthmatic problem. Nurita's design wasn't complete and was noticed by the judges during the judging panel.

  • Judges: Edmundser, Wirda Adnan, Aster Lim, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Alwyn Chua
  • Eliminated: Nurita Harith
  • Bottom two: Nurita, Mumtaz
Episode 6 (first aired 7 September 2007)

The designers have to design beach wear that is very commercial value for PARKSON KLCC. The designers were introduced to Rita Shum, Fashion Director of PARKSON KLCC. Then they were given RM70 to buy fabric for the design. During panel, the judges said that Danny's design is out of title and Mumtaz's design was not up-to-date.

  • Judges: Edmundser, Aster Lim, Rita Shum, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Felix Chin
  • Eliminated: Mumtaz Rahman
  • Bottom two: Mumtaz, Danny
Episode 7 (first aired 14 September 2007)

The designers have to design an outfit for Malaysian singer, Jaclyn Victor for her next performance. First the designers have to show their design for her individually. This week, the designers have to work in group. Then, Jaclyn will choose 3 of the best as the leader, and the leaders have to handpicked their group members. The groups are:

Group leader Group member
Alwyn Alexandrea and Danny
Fitri Allison and Jezmine
Hatta Zeri and Felix

Later, they were given RM100 and 30mins to shop for fabric. During panel, the judges think that Fitri's design is too simple and not suitable for performance. Jezmine was eliminated although it's not her design but because she wasn't independent enough.

  • Judges: Sonny San, Asiah Mion, Jaclyn Victor, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Hatta Dolmat
  • Eliminated: Jezmine Zaidan
  • Bottom two: Jezmine, Fitri
Episode 8 (first aired 21 September 2007)

The theme of the week is to design a makeover for their fellow designers to transform who they are right now. The designers have to design for each other, 2 designers in a group. The groups are:

Group Designers
1 Felix and Alexandrea
2 Alwyn and Hatta
3 Fitri and Zeri
4 Danny and Allison

Unlike last week, they don’t have a leader in the group. Later, they were given 15 minutes to sketch for their partners and was given RM60 and 30 minutes to buy fabric.

While they were working in the studio, Peter Lum came and brought them for dinner in a restaurant at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. When they reached there, the designers meet Bernie Chan and Maya Karin. She is a singer, actor and VJ. Karin is also the embassador for LO’RÉAL Paris. After dinner, Bernie teaches the designers how to catwalk, as they are modeling for each other's design. The designers have to continue their work the next day for it is too late.

Before the fashion show begins, the designers meet Monica Lee, makeup artist of LO’RÉAL Paris. She gives the designers a makeover and makeup to suit their design.

During panel, the judges don’t see any effort and transformation in Danny in Allison’s design. And Fitri’s design is a bad transformation in Zery, and it makes Zery looks older.

  • Judges: Redzuan Radzwill, Asiah Mion, Joe Spinelli, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Alwyn Chua
  • Eliminated: Allison Chong
  • Bottom two: Allison, Fitri
Episode 9 (first aired 28 September 2007)


  • Judges: TBA
  • Challenge won by: Mohd Fitri Zainal Abidin
  • Eliminated: Danny Kok
  • Bottom two: Hatta, Danny
Episode 10 (first aired 5 October 2007)

The contestants are told to create a "2050 fashion" theme collection as a group.

  • Judges:TBA
  • Challenge won by: Alexandrea Yeo
  • Eliminated: Zeri Zamry
  • Bottom two: None
Episode 11 (first aired 12 October 2007)

The contestants are taken to the athletic gyms, and the task to create the outfit

  • Judges: TBA
  • Challenge won by: Mohd Fitri Zainal Abidin
  • Eliminated: Alwyn Chua
  • Bottom two: Alwyn, Felix
Episode 12 (first aired 19 October 2007)

All four aspiring designers have been brought to Datuk Bernard Chandran's boutique and later, 4 set of brand new Nokia Prism 7500 have been given for their task. INSPIRATION was the theme for this week. The designers have to wander around KL and get some shots as their INSPIRATION before have it on their masterpiece.

Fitri came up with a KL Tower shot, Alexandra with Under construction building shot, Hatta with local newspapers headline shot while Felix came up with a pattern shot from an RM10 Ladies Nite Gown.

  • Judges: Datuk Bernard Chandran, Asiah Mion, Bernie Chan
  • Challenge won by: Alexandrea Yeo
  • Eliminated: Mohd Fitri Zainal Abidin
  • Bottom two: Mohd Fitri Zainal Abidin, Felix


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Project Runway Malaysia (season 1)
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