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What Women Want (TV series)

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What Women Want
Developed byPhoSumpro
StarringMalaysia Hannah Tan
Country of originMalaysia Malaysia
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes12
Producer(s)Tan Yin Yin
Joanne Chin
Running time1 hour (per normal episode)
Original network8TV
Original release16 December 2006 –
1 March 2007
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What Women Want is a Malaysian reality television programme co-produced by 8TV and phoSumpro!, sponsored by Gillette and Head & Shoulders and broadcast on 8TV from 14 December 2006 till 1 March 2007. Hosted by Hannah Tan, it featured 13 young bachelors from within and outside Malaysia vying for the "What Women Want" title and the frills which come with it.


In each as well. Both these contestants need to face an all-female panel of four judges, i.e. three normal women and a celebrity, which will decide their fate; either one of them, both or neither would get cut.

After facing the panel, the "bottom two" pack up to prepare to leave and wait in a special area in the hotel while the judges perform their most important duty. After that, the judges would convey their results to Hannah Tan which in turn would announce the results to the bottom two.

At the end of broadcast of each episode, there is a clip featuring Hannah giving her "Male Grooming Tips" while the credits roll.

Season 1

What Women Want Contestants
(each with his episode of elimination and its original broadcast date)
Season 1
Mohd Hafiz bin Adnan "What Women Want"
Charles Brunold Runner-Up
Hisham Hamzah Ep 10 (15 February)
Christian Neal Capes Ep 9 (8 February)
Nicholl Eruthiaraj Ep 8 (1 February)
Talha Jamshaid Ep 8 (1 February)
Andrew Ting Lin Ep 6 (18 January)
Adzrool Idzwan Ismail Ep 5 (11 January)
Ram Gopal Raj Ep 4 (4 January)
Aloysius Wee Ep 3 (28 December)
Carliff Ridzwan bin Carleel Ep 3 (28 December)
Adrian Jalaludin Ep 2 (21 December)
Jasvinder Singh Gill Ep 1 (14 December)


The following details of the contestants were correct as of the beginning of the competition.

  • Mohd Hafiz bin Adnan — a junior hairstylist from Kedah
  • Charles Brunold — an expatriate businessman from France
  • Hisham Hamzah (Sham) — a radio announcer for local station Mix FM
  • Christian Neal Capes — an English language and literature lecturer
  • Nicholl Eruthiaraj — a food sciences student and Malaysian Idol alumnus from Bukit Mertajam, Penang
  • Talha Jamshaid — a Pakistani traveller who was born in Argentina, and claimed Kathmandu, Nepal and Ankara, Turkey to be his former home towns
  • Andrew Ting Lin — an advertising company employee from the United States
  • Adzrool Idzwan Ismail (Tom) — a university student in communication course
  • Ram Gopal Raj
  • Aloysius Wee (Alloy) — an events manager
  • Carliff Ridzwan bin Carleel — a business degree holder
  • Adrian Jalaluddin — a historical studies degree holder
  • Jasvinder Singh Gill — a university student



The permanent members of the jury consists of three Malaysian women:

Guest Jury


Episode list

For the Elimination entry there are more than one name i.e. the contestants which were named to face elimination in each episode for performing poorly in the Elimination challenge or voted out by others; the name in bold is the one sent off, while the others were safe.
Episode 1 (aired 14 December 2006)

13 bachelors were selected from 400 after an audition. Throughout the competition they stayed in Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre. They first got involved in the filming of the music video for Hannah Tan's Fly on the Wall. Besides this, they were required to undergo an interview by the judges in which they attempt to give a good impression of themselves in front of the panel. Jasvin could not attend due to an exam which clashed with the time of the interview, thus making him the first contestant to be sent off after hearing from the panel in the fountain park of the hotel.

Episode 2 (aired 21 December 2006)
Episode 3 (aired 28 December 2006)
Episode 4 (aired 4 January 2007)
Episode 5 (aired 11 January 2007)

In the elimination session, Charles tried to win the hearts of the judges by singin a Malay-English song with the catchphrase "Tahu tak pe" (guess what?)

Episode 6 (aired 18 January 2007)

In one confession scene of this episode after the Rewards challenge, Andrew complained about consumer habits in Malaysia. Later in the elimination session, the same contestant received negative feedback from the panel and other contestants.

Episode 7 (aired 25 January 2007)

Christian was exempted from the barefoot requirement due to injuries in his feet. Then he found himself lost in the jungle for over five hours after the rest finished their race, before being found at dusk. Christian and Sham were safe from the elimination after the panel were moved by their ordeal in the Elimination challenge.

Episode 8 (aired 1 February 2007)
Episode 9 (aired 8 February 2007)

Despite moving to the finals, Hafiz showed his unwillingness to keep fighting. This resulted in him being voted out.

Episode 10 (aired 15 February 2007)

Thus far, Charles had won five consecutive challenges.

Episode 11 (aired 22 February 2007)

With Hafiz and Charles left fending against each other for the title of "What Women Want", a lay woman was chosen to be part of their final challenge after winning a corresponding contest. The bachelors were taken to Pulau Tioman where each attempt to win the woman's heart in one day. Sebelum itu, Hafiz and Charles were made to take a memory test by Hannah Tan about all of the contestants of What Women Want throughout the competition and the winner would choose which day to spend his time with the woman. Hafiz won the task and took day two.

On "day one", Charles met Daphne Lourdes and they began their date with a donkey ride at the beach side (as a result of losing the quiz), followed by cycling on a golf course. Although both activities went "smoothly", it was the romantic dinner time in which Charles lost Daphne's satisfaction. The next day, it was Hafiz's turn to meet Daphne and their date started with a ship ride around the island, followed by kayaking, diving, and picnic and kite-flying. Daphne seemed happier with Hafiz compared to Charles.

Episode 12 (aired 1 March 2007)

In this season finalé, Mohd Hafiz Bin Adnan defeated Charles Brunold to grab the title of "What Women Want".


  • Mawi appeared in the opening clip of episodes 8, 9 and 10, in which he asked questions about women's needs.
  • Charles, Ram, Christian, Sham, Hafiz, and Adrian since joined CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2007. Christian won the biggest title of "Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year", while Hafiz took the "Bachelor With The Sexiest Shag" title.
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What Women Want (TV series)
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