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Panama Flo

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Panama Flo
Directed byRalph Murphy
Screenplay byGarrett Fort
Produced byCharles R. Rogers
StarringHelen Twelvetrees
Robert Armstrong
Charles Bickford
Marjorie Peterson
Maude Eburne
CinematographyArthur C. Miller
Edited byEdward Schroeder
Charles Craft
Music byArthur Lange
Distributed byRKO Pictures
Release date
  • January 19, 1932 (1932-01-19)
Running time
74 minutes
CountryUnited States

Panama Flo is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film directed by Ralph Murphy and written by Garrett Fort. The film stars Helen Twelvetrees, Robert Armstrong, Charles Bickford, Marjorie Peterson and Maude Eburne.[1][2][3] The film was released on January 19, 1932, by RKO Pictures.


In New York City, chorus girl Flo slips into a speakeasy saying she is being followed and orders a drink. A man is buzzed into the speakeasy and it turns out he was following Flo.

The two know each other and the man tells Flo must return with him to South America.

Flashback to Sadie's Place in South America a few years ago. Flo is stranded and broke when the dance troupe's contract is canceled. Sadie introduces Flo to McTeague, a wildcatter with a large bankroll, to steal his money to get back to New York.

When the theft is discovered McTeague drags Flo to where she lives. Flo had passed the money to her friend who assisted the theft by leaving and was to meet Flo back at her apartment.

Flo soon realizes her friend has run off without her and is threatened by McTeague that he will have her thrown in prison. After pleading (while on the floor with some breast and leg exposed) McTeague is inspired to hire her as his housekeeper. She grudgingly accepts.

McTeague takes Flo to his home in the jungle where he continues to harass her.

Babe, a pilot and Flo's boyfriend, who left Flo for a two-week assignment the day that Flo met McTeague. Babe lands his plane that needs repairs at McTeague's. Babe is unaware of Flo's presence, but she knows he is there and sneaks to him that night.

Sadie sent Babe to rescue Flo and they pretend to not know each other. Earlier during a night of binge drinking McTeague had told Flo he knew where the richest oil fields are and one day he would be king!

Babe finds a chance to tell Flo that McTeague is a crook and they need to find the information on the oil.

The next day Babe takes off on his seaplane but lets Flo know he'll be back for her. Before Babe leaves he says he'll probably see him again in Panama.

McTeague seems puzzled about the reference and leaves Flo alone to visit the natives and before leaving gives her a loaded gun in case of trouble.

Babe returns for Flo but won't leave until he find the papers regarding the oil. In his excitement over finding the papers he reveals HE is the criminal and would never marry her. Intent on getting away, Flo threatens to shoot Babe and does when he tries to leave.

McTeague realizes the Panama reference and heads back home where he finds Babe dead. Flo believes she killed Babe and McTeague lets her believe it. He puts Babe's body in his plane and sinks it. McTeague sends Flo to New York.

Back to the present, Flo learns she didn't kill Babe. It was McTeague who shot Babe through the heart. McTeague tries to explain why he let her believe she killed Babe. Flo refuses his offer of making it up to her. She tells McTeague she has no need of his money and points to a Rolls Royce parked on the street. She tells him it belongs to the richest oilman and its hers too.

Flo leaves McTeague and approaches the car and asks the driver to let her get in and drive around the block. The driver refuses and she walks down the street forlornly.

The owner of the car approaches and the driver tells the man he has something on his tie. The owner is McTeague and he tells the driver to follow Flo. Flo stops at a window to adjust her out of date clothing. She turns to walk away as the feet of a man are shown approaching, presumably McTeague.



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Panama Flo
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